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GRAB'n'GO:  Small pet's size is in stock and redy to be shipped


Material: 100% cotton. Teepee Stabilizer is included!


Description: Super stylish pet's tent. Isn't cute and fun teepee for your family member like a dog? We are sure, your pet will love this cozy corner and you'll love this bright pattern in your room.


On picture: Small pet's size teepee. Pic. 3 - comparing XS pet's size and S pet's size tents.

This play teepee is available in kid's sizes as well.


NOTE: Price does not include pillow and decorations.

Best Friends Turquoise Lining pet/kid teepee tent.

PrixÀ partir de 85,00C$
  • Kid's size teepee:

    SIZE WxLxH, cm WxLxH, inch

    # of Kids

    could fits

    Small size (4 walls) 105x105x120




    Medium size (4 walls)


    120x120x130 47x47x51 2

    Large size 

    (pentagon shape)

    approx. diameter


    Pet's / Photo prop / Toy size teepees:

    SIZE WxLxH, cm WxLxH, inch


    XSmall size (4 walls) 48x48x60



    cats, smallest dogs, doll

    Small size (4 walls)


    65x65x80 25,5x25,5x31,5 Yorkshire Terrier size

    Medium size (4 walls)


    Bulldog size

    Large size (4 walls)                      95x95x110            37,5x37,5x43                bigger dogs/ Baby / Toddler size

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