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MATERIAL:100% Cotton, Hypoallergenic Polyester filling. 



Ready New Product Size is approx. 100x100cm (40"x40"). 
Size of fabric case before filling is 112x112cm (44"x44").
Because of fluffiness of cushion, the size could be slightly different. 
After use, the pillow is pressed down a little and the size increases for few inches. 
This size good fits for 41"-47" teepee. (on picture used 47"x47" teepee with this cushion).



Big and soft floor cushions for your teepee tent. The cushion is very soft. Please do not expect it will be bouncy or more harder. Kids love to play and sleep on this soft mattress.



No cover on top. The whole pillow is washable. 

*Machine Gentle cycle wash / Hand Wash / Spot cleaning

*Wash alone

*Air Dry or Short Spin 

*Do not iron

(We doesn't guarantee a fluffiness after washing).



After shipping pillow could be a bit flimsy. To make it more fluffy again - you need to shake a pillow. Please open package carefully!


Patterned Floor Cushion for Teepee.

PrixÀ partir de 105,00C$

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